Who Am I? (Good Question!)

While sages and philosophers have debated that question since time immemorial, I can offer you this simple bio:    


Using a combination of influences, from mythological motifs, depth psychology, mindfulness, non-dual philosophy, creativity, systems-awareness, and storytelling, a PhD in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology, a Masters in Education, and over twenty years of teaching experience, Dr. Miller powerfully guides clients into a deeper experiential understanding of the power of the mind, psyche, and self. 

Dr. Miller endeavors to inspire her audiences and students to look beyond the ordinary appearance of their lives, and reach instead for the mythic, so that we can gain more clarity and break through the patterns in our lives that hold us back from happiness and live more authentically who we are, because that is the greatest adventure story there is.

Dr. Miller currently offers talks and workshops both nationally and internationally.

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