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Interpersonal dynamics and conflicts of all kinds occur between members of any community. So how does an organization become more attentive to the needs of the community members in an authentic, meaningful way?

Unstorying is a tool for creating more authentic relationships within any community, team, or organizational environment, as well as in the participants’ personal life.This process addresses how we understand the patterns of how and why we interact, with an emphasis on empathy and the stories we believe about ourselves, and each other. This leads to a deeper understanding of the dynamics we find ourselves in so that we can respond rather than react. We can then choose to respond with honesty and clarity, even in the most trying of circumstances.

This process helps to build a healthier environment by addressing several components: Identifying dysfunctional patterns, interpersonal dynamics, communication skills and strategies, conflict resolution, honesty, a focus on compassion and empathy, and a willingness to create a stronger community for everyone; between and among leadership, teams, and all stakeholders. This works especially well in schools, where the stakeholders are so varied: students, teachers, parents, staff, and administration.

If you would like to bring Unstorying to your team or organization as a professional development workshop for faculty and/or staff/employees, or on a consultancy basis for administration/HR Departments, please contact Dr. Miller via the form below: