We Live a Life of Stories: An Investigation into Who We Really Are

What if everything we believe is nothing more than a wonderful, complicated, phenomenal story? Mythos, as narrative, informs almost every aspect of our lives. From philosophy, to psychology, politics to pop culture, advertising, and self-identity, there is very little that is not a constructed story. In fact, reality itself is constantly molded by the stories we believe. We Live a Life of Stories - One Sheet (1)

Every day, every second in fact, stories are being created and told, ingested and identified with, and we, as humans, cling to every morsel. Why are stories so important to the mind? They create who we think ourselves to be.

They create identifications with the body and the world that revolves around the body. In terms of the story of your life, your own mind is in fact creating meaning moment by moment.

This experiential workshop is designed to see those stories for what they are, so that you can change your perspective and find more joy in your life!

Learn how to:

  • Identify the source of your beliefs and thoughts.
  • Change your relationship to trauma, problems, and difficult people.
  • Investigate the 3 or 4 story motifs you tend to live most often. What patterns do you seem to repeat time and time again?
  • Recognize when you’ve created a “story” and be able to take a step back from it.
  • Experience your emotions, without having to push them away and create a new story.
  • Learn how to let go and accept the crazy, wondrous, complexity of life.


  • A game plan for using this technique with your friends, family, co-workers, and clients/students.
  • More joy!