Shining the Light

There’s a reason why we celebrate the light at this time of year…the time when the light seems most diminished.Across many faiths and many cultures, celebrations of light occur in the wintertime. Humans are always searching for that light, rejoicing when its found, and remembering it regularly, so they will never forget its importance.

The bringing of the light in the darkness is a celebration of the metaphor for the light of awareness, of awakening, of feeling safe and seen, loved, guided, and protected. It has many stories attached to it, depending on your belief system, but it offers us an opportunity to be our own light as well.

  • Are you willing to shift your perception of yourself and your situation to gain clarity and deeper self-awareness?
  • Are you feeling like you’re at a crossroads in your life and aren’t sure how to move forward?
  • Are you looking for true and lasting change in some aspect of your life?
  • Are you ready to see through the limiting stories you hold about yourself and others?

Then reach out and let’s get started!

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