This is a fork…

Yep, you read that right. It’s a fork. It’s a disposable, supposedly biodegradable, fork. Why am I posting a picture of a fork? It’s to remind you that though things can feel very serious and challenging sometimes, there is always that space for the lightness and silliness of life. My parents were visiting, and myContinue reading “This is a fork…”

Resistance is futile!

I am reminded of that daily. Even today, in fact, a situation is unfolding that I had hoped to control in some way. Planning and fostering the narrative, mostly in the intent of emotionally protecting myself, pushing away things that make me uncomfortable, hoping to organize the outcome I wanted. Nope. Didn’t happen. Mercury retrogradeContinue reading “Resistance is futile!”

I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea…

And, that used to bother me. I can be intense and sweet, tough and empathetic, opinionated and open-minded. I am a lot. And that used to be considered a problem. Years ago, I tried to change to make others more comfortable, and hope that it would make them like me. And then I realized… Why?Continue reading “I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea…”

“All at Once, the Birds Were Everywhere.”

No, don’t worry, I’m not talking about some Hitchcockian nightmare, but I have had a lot of birds appear in the Story of Me recently. Months ago, I was building my business, wondering if I should continue on this path, and prepping a class on the Sufi poem, “The Conference of the Birds” for aContinue reading ““All at Once, the Birds Were Everywhere.””

Welcome to the March/April Minding the Story Newsletter! 

This month’s theme is liminal space; that’s the place of not knowing. It can be a very frustrating place to be! It can also be known as the crossroads in archetypal symbolism. When we are between two places, whether leaving one job or career and in search of another, transitioning into a new and unfamiliar phase of life, or sensingContinue reading “Welcome to the March/April Minding the Story Newsletter! “

Shadow Stories Are Like Weapons

Shadow stories are like weapons in the hands of scared little children… They lash out indiscriminately, giving a momentary illusion of protection, but without the maturity to fully understand the consequences of that action. What they don’t yet realize about themselves or others… “You” are not your story. “They” are not the stories you carryContinue reading “Shadow Stories Are Like Weapons”

I Felt Disappointed By a Situation Recently…

We all do sometimes. When we feel disappointed by an outcome or by a situation, it is almost always because we had an expectation about it. It is almost never about the other person. Yes, they might not have said or done what you had thought they would, or done something in a way youContinue reading “I Felt Disappointed By a Situation Recently…”

February Newsletter

Read on for information on Coaching Sessions, Courses & Events, and February’s Thoughts and Musings… This month’s theme is trusting your own inner wisdom. How many of us ignore that small nagging feeling inside us? It could show up as a nagging feeling that you should walk away from a harmful situation, maybe one where yourContinue reading “February Newsletter”

Plot Twist!

How do you react when life throws you a curveball? When you’ve planned, and organized, and thought out how every detail should go. “No surprises!”“I’m in control of my fate!”“I will achieve that goal!” Yes, but… Life often has a way of unfolding in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes, we view these changes asContinue reading “Plot Twist!”

I Thought I Knew Who I Was… But I Didn’t Have the First Clue!

Years ago, I was going through the motions… starting a career, hanging out with friends, dating, but never really finding “the one.” I was living my life, but I wasn’t fully alive… Something was nagging at me. A sense that there was more to life than this. I found myself embroiled in drama from theContinue reading “I Thought I Knew Who I Was… But I Didn’t Have the First Clue!”