Emerging from the Liminal Space (Or Have I?)

Not long ago, I wrote about how it can feel to be in that in-between place; the place where you know that where you are, or have just been, is no longer where you should be, and a new path or direction has not yet appeared.

It’s a cloudy, mist-shrouded forest of frustration for some, and a place of magical possibilities for others; But regardless, it can be disorienting.

In a seemingly miraculous turn of events, the mist at my liminal crossroads has cleared, and I’ve found myself in coastal New England, ensconced in a seaside cottage for the winter. I’m still not sure what lies on the far end of this new path, but it feels like I’m in the right space for now.

The sound of the ocean from my couch, a far ranging vista of blue rising and falling in the near distance. It’s a beautiful place to do my work; to work with others as we unwind and unravel the narratives that appear in our lives; narratives not that dissimilar from those undulating waves. It is a, perhaps temporary or momentary, retreat from the hustle and bustle of my previous life, and a chance to just simply be… to be here now.

I could never have foreseen this emerging from that mist. It wasn’t even on my radar. I wonder, sometimes, when we focus on manifesting our dreams, that we unknowingly limit ourselves. There is a deeper, more ineffable force at work. We are not as in control of outcomes as we’d like to think we are.

That is not to say that our choices and decisions are not important. They are. What we choose to say and do makes a definite difference in our lives as well as the lived experience of others. We are an integral part of an interconnected web of beings, and that push and pull does move the parts of the web as we move along its glossy strands. But, how much control do we actually have over the web itself? Or over the next place we travel within our lived ecosystem and how things unfold? How far into the “future” can you see? Maybe it is only the appearance of movement; maybe the mist clears over the immediate space, but we don’t realize the larger mist covering the entirety of the web itself? Maybe we never actually leave liminal space at all. Maybe…just maybe, life is only liminal space, and what we think is the haze is only our innate drive to understand the deeper truths surrounding who we are. Can we be at peace in the not knowing, grounded and moved by the responsibility we have to the interconnectedness of all things? Can we live at peace in the mist?

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