January Newsletter

Welcome to the first of my new monthly Minding the Story newsletters! I’m so happy to connect and reconnect with all of you! This month, I have some musings and ramblings, course announcements, and an invitation to work with me.

Musings and Ramblings:

Many of you may know that I am not a morning person, I usually grumble and stumble my way through a morning, or intentionally schedule an appointment after 11am, so I can be fully alert and present. That was, of course, incredibly hard when I was a classroom teacher, but even if I was there with them and ready to go at 8am or earlier, my students knew that Dr. Miller was not her full self until the first cup of coffee was in hand. A story, for sure, but one that reflected decades of a body clock that preferred evenings to mornings. These days, it’s afternoons where I am most alert. We change as we move through life. 

Today, I had an online workshop to attend and had to wake up very early for it, and so I “rose and shined” all the way to my living room and turned on my computer! I gathered my favorite mug and opened the curtains to a magnificent sight. 

It was well worth the early morning push out of bed. What are some of the things that are more challenging for you as you move through life, and what ways are you pushing yourself towards your boundaries, and maybe experiencing something magnificent in the process?

Course/Event Announcements:

I’m excited to announce that I will be offering a course on the web platform, Jung Platform, in Mid-March to Mid-April. This 4-session live (remote) course will look at the process of Unstorying and the ways in which we explore the hidden stories within us, also known in Jungian terms as the Shadow. The course is not available to register for quite yet, but if you are interested, I will post a link in next month’s newsletter, or you can check here for the course’s launch.

I am sending out a survey to gauge interest in a Minding the Story retreat. These retreats will infuse the process of Unstorying with creativity, mindfulness, a little mythology, and a lot of fun. Please click on the retreat survey here so I can get a sense of your interest.

An Invitation from Minding the Story Coaching:

What are some of the challenges you’ve been having recently in your life? 

  • Have you been questioning your career options? 
  • Wondering why you seem to repeat patterns again and again in relationships and in social interactions? 
  • Feeling stuck in some area of your life and are unsure why?

Then reach out and book a discovery call with me. It’s free. And, it may show you a taste of the breakthroughs possible when you learn how to Unstory yourself and gain clarity and authenticity in your life.

Until next month!


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