This is a fork…

Yep, you read that right. It’s a fork. It’s a disposable, supposedly biodegradable, fork.

Why am I posting a picture of a fork?

It’s to remind you that though things can feel very serious and challenging sometimes, there is always that space for the lightness and silliness of life.

My parents were visiting, and my dad and I walked to a nearby cafe to get dinner.

As we picked up our order, the woman at the register asked us if we wanted forks. I said no, as we were taking the food home, but my dad decided to ask her about the forks…

“Are they good forks?”

She smiled at his random question, not missing a beat, “They are the BEST forks. We are known for our forks.”

My dad replied, “Well, then, if they are the BEST forks, then we’ll try them out. You should have a picture of the forks up on your wall to show customers these forks.”

She responded, “Take a picture of the fork, and we’ll put it up.”

Dad said, “We will and we’ll frame it!”

We walked home and told my mom about our conversation.

I thought this would be the end of the story.

However, my mom, instead of laughing at us, said, “Ok, take a picture of the fork, and we’ll create a frame for it.”

I have always admired my parents’ ability to add a moment of silliness to any seemingly mundane experience.

The next day, my parents walked back over without me and presented this framed photo of a disposable fork to the woman at the restaurant.

🤔 Would this woman remember my father and their conversation?
🤔 Would she think he’s a nut for returning with a framed picture of a disposable fork?
🤔 Would she even be there, with a new person not knowing why my parents were presenting said picture to them?

I waited to find out how the silliness would unfold.

As it turns out, the woman was there and remembered my dad, and with a knowing smile, happily took the photo and put it up on the wall so that future customers could see that they had the BEST forks.

And so a legend was born…

The picture is still hanging there to this day.

Why am I telling such a random story about forks and pictures and my parents on my blog?

To remind you that though life can be a rollercoaster of challenging and easy, tragic and euphoric, the practice of seeing the silly moments and simply going with them can make every difference.

It’s the “YES AND” of life.

Stepping out of the stories you are in to connect with another human being in a moment of levity can alleviate the feeling of separateness.

Making someone smile, making yourself smile, lowering blood pressure, calming the nervous system, can help you reset.

Be IN every moment you’re in and don’t be afraid to be silly.

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