Shadow Stories Are Like Weapons

Shadow stories are like weapons in the hands of scared little children…

They lash out indiscriminately, giving a momentary illusion of protection, but without the maturity to fully understand the consequences of that action.

What they don’t yet realize about themselves or others… “You” are not your story. “They” are not the stories you carry about them.

I’m constantly pained by what I see on the news and hear about in people’s lives. So much of what we see today are projected stories crafted, weaponized, and lobbed at the perceived “problem” of the day.


Because we have not addressed our own shadow stories.

We have not looked at our own fears and frustrations, misplaced and unresolved needs, and instead, we’ve misdirected them outward to another person or people who can take that form of our enemy or our victim.

Mythology had shown us the monsters in our midst. Given us the quests to conquer them so that we may feel triumphant and save the day.

But it’s all a story. The monsters are not “them.”

The monsters we are slaying are in us. They are our own fears made manifest as the other person.

Notice, for a moment, how there is always a “them” to be angry at, who is getting all the things you need, who is threatening to destroy your way of life. That emotion has to go somewhere. And often, it gets projected outward instead of seeing it, feeling it, and owning it. And that’s when we harm others, which also harms ourself, though we can’t recognize that… yet…

If the need to dominate to feel empowered, conquer to thrive, or vanquish to feel free is all that you know, you are still ruled by your shadow. You are NOT empowered, thriving, or free.

What happens then? Other angry, fearful people can tell you their stories and persuade you to think awful things about others. And worse, you are looking so desperately for somewhere to place the anger and fear of your own shadow that you willingly leap into their story. You have joined the herd… hypnotized by groupthink.

It seems to make sense to you. It feeds that fear and anger. It gives it a place to go. “At least it’s not me.” But now you are lost to the shadow. Even worse… you are lost to the shadow stories of other people who wield your outrage and anger for their own false feelings of empowerment, survival, and freedom. And that’s how the shadow of the world is created…one fearful, angry shadow at a time, banding together under the spell of a Shadowy Storyteller.

Want to be truly empowered, thriving, and free? Be courageous enough to break that spell. Start with your own shadow first…

Let me know when you’re ready to begin.

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