Welcome to the March/April Minding the Story Newsletter! 

This month’s theme is liminal space; that’s the place of not knowing. It can be a very frustrating place to be! It can also be known as the crossroads in archetypal symbolism. When we are between two places, whether leaving one job or career and in search of another, transitioning into a new and unfamiliar phase of life, or sensing you need to move but haven’t found your next home location yet, it can be very unsettling. The human mind craves safety and security, even for those of us who willingly embrace change. There is still a place in us that wants to know the answer. What’s coming next, and what will it look like? I have often found myself in this space, and truthfully, it never gets any easier, but I do understand that space better these days.

If you are finding yourself in that liminal space, the betwixt and between of your life, reach out for a Discovery Call and let’s chat about strategies to help you find peace in that waiting space, and maybe a glimpse at what direction to head next!


Announcing the new Minding the Story Workshop Series! These will be monthly Zoom-based workshops offered on a rotating basis. They will have two different meeting options each month.

April Workshops

Register here


The Jung Platform course is halfway through, but you can still join! Once registered, you will have access to the previous two classes and all of the exercises we did, and be able to join us live for the next two Tuesdays (April 4th and 11th)! 

Click here for more information and to register.


Offerings from Minding the Story Coaching:

Unearthing the stories that keep you stuck, keep you in repeating patterns, and cause you stress and suffering can be a huge release… A heart-expanding, deeply personal “Aha!” moment.

For some, they prefer to do this work one-on-one with a guide, but for others, there is a comfort in meeting with a small group to arrive at those “Ahas!” together, to process, and to support one another on that journey inward. That’s why I offer both paths to this work.


Minding Our Stories Small Group Sessions:

If you like the sense of community and support of small groups doing inner work together, then the Minding Our Stories monthly group may be for you!

In these groups, generally 5-8 participants, we meet three weeks in a row for one hour each time, plus email support in-between, creative weekly exercises, and one optional individual coaching session with me at the end of the month:

Session one introduces the process and (for those who might be returning participants) introduces what you are working on now.

Session two gives a chance to reconvene after a week of observing and sitting with how the stories arise in your life, taking note and actively applying Unstorying techniques.

Session three looks to see how you have changed how you view yourself or your situation, and offers further techniques for new insights and continuing to deepen self-awareness.

Choose from one of the two groups forming now for May:

Sundays 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm GMT

Wednesdays 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11am AEDT (Thurs)

$350 for the month-long group session cycle (not including the optional individual session)

$500 includes the optional individual session.


One-to-One Coaching:

Join me for individual sessions! 

These are a powerful way for you to gain personalized strategies and tools to break through the noise and drama of your life and find more clarity, freedom, and joy.

The three-session Coaching Cycle (3- one hour sessions) is designed to focus on one area of your life or one or two specific challenges you are facing.

$1200 for the month, inclusive of three one-to-one sessions, exercises, and email support for the month.

The three-month Transcendence Program is a 12-session intensive program designed to delve deeper into the Story of You.

$3600 for the three months, inclusive of twelve one-to-one sessions, exercises, and email support for the three months.

Until next month! 


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