I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea…

And, that used to bother me.

I can be intense and sweet, tough and empathetic, opinionated and open-minded.

I am a lot. And that used to be considered a problem.

Years ago, I tried to change to make others more comfortable, and hope that it would make them like me.

And then I realized… Why?

I was chasing after people to make them my friend, my partner, my ally colleague… Why?

Because no one wants to be alone.

But then, I realized that the people who GOT me were still there. The ones who understood and appreciated who I was, were still there. And that’s when I paused and looked around me…

And I saw the intense, sweet, tough, empathetic, opinionated, open-minded, fierce, and loving people around me, and I felt at peace.

Find the people who get you. And, learn more about yourself from the ones that don’t…

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