“All at Once, the Birds Were Everywhere.”

No, don’t worry, I’m not talking about some Hitchcockian nightmare, but I have had a lot of birds appear in the Story of Me recently.

Painting by Habiballah of Sava

Months ago, I was building my business, wondering if I should continue on this path, and prepping a class on the Sufi poem, “The Conference of the Birds” for a course I was teaching.

Suddenly, I heard a ton of fluttering outside my door. I went out the side door and came around the front and 35 cormorants were perched on my roof.

Photo by E Konrad

Only my roof… not my neighbors… since when do cormorants flock to a roof when perfectly good rocky perches existed in the ocean across the street?

“The Simurgh doesn’t live here!” I called out to them, as I tried to take a picture.

And then there, of course, were the hungry seagulls I posted about last week, Harold and his buddy, sizing up my sandwich at the beach…

Plus, a large brown bird in a meditative vision a week ago, urging me to remember to see from a higher perspective instead of getting tethered to the ground.

Photo by Saleh Bakshiev on Pexels.com

But in the last 48 hours, I had an owl swoop down in front of my car while I was driving… headed somewhere I wasn’t sure I wanted to go…

Photo: October Greenfield/Audubon Photography Awards

A family of wild turkeys wandering around my car early this morning (I have never seen them in my neighborhood before today!)…

And numerous crows flying over and landing outside my car as I took a dear friend to the bus station today.

Photo: Arto Hakola/Alamy

Birds and cars…

Symbols? Guides? The Ancestors? Spirit? Not sure…

But, what I do know, is that when we stop and pay attention, we notice things more.

We notice patterns more…

We grasp the inner messages more…

We can see what inner stories they ignite.

What have you noticed lately in the world around you?

What patterns, what symbols, what stories?

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