Welcome to the March/April Minding the Story Newsletter! 

This month’s theme is liminal space; that’s the place of not knowing. It can be a very frustrating place to be! It can also be known as the crossroads in archetypal symbolism. When we are between two places, whether leaving one job or career and in search of another, transitioning into a new and unfamiliar phase of life, or sensingContinue reading “Welcome to the March/April Minding the Story Newsletter! “

Mentors Within and Without

The word “mentor” comes to us from “mentes,” which is the name of a character in Homer’s The Odyssey. It is the Greek goddess Athena who appears to Telemachus (Odysseus’ son) and Odysseus in the guise of an old man. His job is to push Telemachus to go forth and find his father, who hasContinue reading “Mentors Within and Without”