Plot Twist!

How do you react when life throws you a curveball?

When you’ve planned, and organized, and thought out how every detail should go.

“No surprises!”
“I’m in control of my fate!”
“I will achieve that goal!”

Yes, but…

Life often has a way of unfolding in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes, we view these changes as strokes of good fortune, and other times we cry out to bemoan the unfairness of the twist of fate.

We can make plans, we can set goals, but things happen. It’s how we respond when they happen that makes all the difference.

Seeing the story of your life unfolding is both a constant discipline and an exquisite art form. We are visited by both pain and joy along the way…and unexpected twists. These can be your Calls to Adventure, if you choose to see them that way, or they can knock you over and knock you out.

Instead, try yelling “Plot Twist” when these moments occur. How would your favorite character in a book, movie, or show react to such a twist?

Your story is unfolding now…how will you respond? How will you show up when there’s a plot twist?

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